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UAV Airframe

Case Study

VX Aerospace specify CCI’s re-Evo® MCF 200 gsm non-woven made with recycled aerospace grade fibers for all their carbon tooling, so it was intuitive they would evaluate it for their UAV program. This demonstration part is made with six plies of the same 200gsm Non-Woven resulting in a skin thickness of 0.1875 inches and a gloss surface from a non-polished tool. A VARTM process was used with an epoxy resin.
Kitty Hawk UAV Top Skin Demonstration
According to Bob Skillen, owner and builder of the demo part, “I have never seen a finish this good from a non-polished, prototype mold. We took it straight to show without clear coating it.” VX Aerospace is a FAA compliant Part 145 composites repair operator and builder of a wide variety of military and aerospace composite parts.