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Carbon Conversions offers recycling solutions to companies that need to dispose of excess carbon fiber from decommisioned parts.



It’s likely that you could be saving money on materials to create a product of equal durability, strength and quality. Carbon fiber is incredibly industrious, often an option that can be substituted in your manufacturing process–and/or used to create new products–especially when recycled.

Switching to carbon fiber isn’t just about your balance sheet. It weighs less than conventional materials, so products made from carbon fiber are lighter and perform more efficiently.

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What Processes Use Recycled
Carbon Fiber Seamlessly?

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Product Recommendations


re-Evo® HSC Thermoplastic Compounding (high strength recycled carbon fiber requirements
re-Evo® IMC Thermoplastic Compounding (intermediate modulus recycled carbon fiber requirements)
re-Evo® MCF
**available 3-Dimensional Preforms using patented 3-DEP® process
Prepreg, Closed & Open Mold Infusion, Thermoforming, Pultrusion
re-Evo® MCO
**available 3-Dimensional Preforms using patented 3-DEP® process
Compression Molding, Thermoforming Closed Mold Infusion

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Using Carbon Conversions products can help reduce cost in your supply chain. Contact us to discuss how you can procure recycled carbon fiber cost effectively, use it innovatively and close the loop today and tomorrow.