Closing the Loop

Carbon Conversions offers recycling solutions to companies that need to dispose of excess carbon fiber from decommisioned parts.

Close the Loop and Recycle Carbon Fiber


Whether you are sourcing material or need to dispose of product waste, we have the solution:

  • Give us the carbon fiber waste products. We’ll extract the carbon fiber and sell it back to you in various forms for less than than you would otherwise procure it
  • Purchase our carbon fiber products. We’ll recycle it at end of life or when disposal is necessary, helping you avoid steep landfill costs
Carbon Conversions calls this closing the loop, a way to streamline and contain costs. What we do is unique: we reclaim, recycle and repurpose carbon fiber and work with you to find valuable ways you can use it. Our goal is to save money somewhere in your supply chain and manufacturing process.
A roll of recycled carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber
Product Types

We employ a unique process to distill material, free discontinuous carbon fiber and create a variety of products for nearly any application, including:

  • Chopped carbon fiber: re-Evo® HSC and re-Evo® IMC
  • Non-woven carbon fiber: re-Evo® MCF and re-Evo® MCO
  • 3-DEP®: 3 dimensional preforms using various re-Evo® carbon fiber products
Carbon fiber is prized for the durability, strength, stiffness and light-weighting qualities it brings to products. It could be substituted into many applications, or introduced into production in innovative ways. That’s why engaging with Carbon Conversions is more than a transaction, it’s a relationship.
Carbon fiber in various forms.

We Partner with you to find Oppotunities

You gain support and ideas working with us; each relationship we engage in is distinct. We spend time understanding your business, process and products, so that we can add value. Depending on your situation, we may recommend:

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships that save money and/or create efficiency
  • New products you can bring to market with recycled carbon fiber
  • Equally strong carbon fiber substitutions that save money
  • An inexpensive method to procure and dispose of material (a recycling chain)

It’s an
Environment-Friendly Practice

Recycling materials is good business today. It’s less expensive to recycle, and it’s friendly to the environment–many materials, including carbon fiber, don’t decompose. You’ll likely gain favor with prospects, customers and investors who prefer to align with socially-responsible companies.

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