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Carbon Conversions offers recycling solutions to companies that need to dispose of excess carbon fiber from decommisioned parts.

Carbon Fiber

Almost any product can be manufactured from a carbon fiber foundation, but plastics are particularly easy to produce. The material is inexpensive, durable but lightweight–ideal for high performance composite parts. Our re-Evo® brand of recycled carbon fiber:
  • Demonstrates steel strength but is 80 percent lighter
  • Is stiffer than conventional materials
  • Resists corrosion and fatigue damage better than conventional materials
  • Withstands extreme vibration and impact
  • Resists temperature-based contraction and expansion
  • Absorbs sound, magnetism and electricity
We strip carbon fiber down to a discontinuous state and provide it in various forms to accommodate nearly every composite process used in manufacturing. With carbon fiber, you gain greater flexibility for your application.
Carbon Fiber
Chopped Carbon Fiber

Chopped Fiber

Chopped fiber is available in lengths ranging from 1/8 to 1 inch, most often used in thermoplastic compounding and injection molding processes for applications that span automotive, electronics and sporting goods. Our chopped fiber is also available with various over-sizing chemistries for improved compatibility.


  • re-Evo® HSC: high strength chopped fiber
  • re-Evo® IMC: intermediate modulus chopped fiber
Non-Woven Carbon Fiber


Non-woven mat is derived from random fibers laid in a 48-inch width. It reduces weight and cost in processes that include closed/open mold infusion, pre-preg and compression molding. You’ll find it to be automation-friendly, lauded for its ability to keep lines running.


  • re-Evo® MCF: non-woven mat using 100% recycled carbon fibers
  • re-Evo® MCO: non-woven mat using 100% recycled carbon fibers commingled with thermoplastic fibers

We can also provide 3-dimensional preforms using our patented 3-DEP® process, recommended for complex components and design consolidation.

Product Family Code


HSC high strength chopped fiber
IMC intermediate modulus chopped fiber
MCF 100% recycled carbon fiber mat**Available 3-Dimensional preforms using patented 3-DEP® process
MCO recycled carbon fiber mat commingled with thermoplastic fiber**Available 3-Dimensional preforms using patented 3-DEP® process

Save Money in Procurement, Disposal or Production

Because Carbon Conversions recycles, reclaims, recovers and repurposes carbon fiber, we can introduce this material into your supply chain at a point that’s most cost-effective.

we help you acquire raw and inexpensive forms of carbon fiber, derived from our stock of recycled material, with diversified material supply contracts. This model helps you stay ahead of demand growth.
we recommend innovative ways to use/apply the material for products of greater or equal strength at a lower cost.
we’ll take your carbon fiber waste materials or end-of-life products, extract the carbon fiber and sell it back to you in various forms of Carbon Conversions products. You avoid steep landfill charges and can use the raw material in the most efficient way, whether it is producing the same or completely new products.

Why is Reclaimed
Carbon Fiber Better?

You reduce traditional energy consumption using reclaimed carbon fiber, in lieu of procuring new carbon fiber.

By recycling, you help eliminate landfill volume.

Product lightweighting reduces energy usage and emissions in applications that include industrial and transportation.
You’ll reduce manufacturing costs, especially in over specified applications.

By partnering with Carbon Conversions, you gain a tight material supply, manufacturing efficiency and traceability, product quality and inexpensive disposal.