About Us

Carbon Conversions offers recycling solutions to companies that need to dispose of excess carbon fiber from decommisioned parts.


Carbon Conversions recycles carbon fiber-reinforced parts. We incorporate reclaimed carbon fibers in advanced materials that are used to make new, high-performance components. Our engineers work with manufacturers to influence designs so that their products are designed with future reclamation of carbon materials built in.

Carbon Conversions Recycling and Manufacturing Facility


Our recycling and manufacturing operations take place in a 50,000 square-foot facility in Lake City, South Carolina. We are located within a South Carolina Hub Zone with easy access to transportation. The current facility has ample room for a planned expansion.

In keeping with our environmentally friendly products and processes, our Lake City facility is designed and managed to have a low impact on the environment.

Today, Carbon Conversions is capable of processing any form of excess carbon fiber while maintaining traceability throughout the manufacturing process. With a rapid product development cycle and over 1,800 mt of annual capacity, Carbon Conversions provides cost
effective unique solutions for the composites industry.

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