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Oracle Racing Team

Case Study

Oracle Team USA teamed with Carbon Conversions to integrate reclaimed carbon fiber from composites in the manufacture of their world-renowned racing vessels. Oracle Team USA recycled two of their racing yachts, recovering carbon from the boats and repurposing that recycled material into a mold for the next-generation watercraft. The carbon was recovered using a closed loop process in a geothermal plant and was then shipped to Team Oracle USA’s supplier, Core Composites, for repurposing. The reclaimed material is more economically efficient and is becoming a standardized raw material used to make the molds for composites. The unused recycled carbon fiber was sent to Carbon Conversions in Lake City, South Carolina.

“We hope that in the very near future we will see many more carbon fiber consuming organizations reuse or reclaim their excess and scrap carbon,” said Mark Housley, Executive Vice President of Carbon Conversions. “We are delighted to partner with Oracle Team USA and we congratulate them on their innovative reuse of carbon-fiber advanced materials. We look forward to continued partnerships with companies leading the way in sustainable composite technology. Collaborating with leading aerospace companies, carbon fiber producers and the Department of Energy, we have helped accelerate the process of carbon composites recycling and hope to continue to get these recycled products into the commercial marketplace.”