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Carbon Conversions Granted U.S. Patent for Reclaimed Carbon Fiber Nonwoven Technology

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Reclaimed carbon fiber industry leader, Carbon Conversions Inc. has been granted a patent for “Thermoplastic Bonded Preforms and Thermoset Matrices Formed Therewith”

Carbon Conversions Inc. (CCI) (Lake City, SC, US), a global leader in carbon fiber reclamation from the entire composites value chain, announced on November 6 that it has been granted United States Patent #10,406,776, titled, “Thermoplastic Bonded Preforms and Thermoset Matrices Formed Therewith”.

CCI’s latest patent covers a range of methods for utilizing unsized (i.e. reclaimed) carbon fibers together with various thermoplastic fibers to create a bonded thermoplastic preform with controlled physical properties, what is termed a “thermoplastic bonded preform”. These preforms can then be utilized to mold a variety of thermoset and thermoplastic composite parts. This technology opens yet another avenue for utilizing reclaimed carbon fiber as part of closed loop solutions within the composites industry and expands CCI’s product offerings beyond chopped carbon fiber and traditional carbon fiber nonwovens.

“We’re excited to receive recognition of our innovation and will continue to pursue our goal of building a sustainable ecosystem around the carbon fiber composites industry, as well as protect its value with registered patents” says Mark Mauhar, President and CEO of Carbon Conversions. “An increasing number of our supply sources for carbon fiber waste material are committing to “closing the loop” with carbon fiber recycling and this technology adds another valuable tool to help them achieve their goal of achieving a truly circular economy. CCI is proud to be at the cutting-edge of developing new materials and processes that enable the economic recycling of carbon fiber.

CCI is an advanced materials company recycling all forms of carbon fiber composites and producing chopped carbon fiber and nonwoven carbon fiber products to meet the light-weighting needs of wide range of industries.