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Carbon Conversions: Project Launch


Carbon Conversions has added a fantastic new long-term customer and supported adoption of our re-Evo® brand of recycled carbon fiber, fully qualified with production quantities shipping now supporting chip trays. As part of our agreement, Carbon Conversions will launch a project to investigate “closing the loop” by recycling end of life chip trays and introducing a material solution back to the chip tray market utilizing the reclaimed carbon fiber content.

As chip production continues to expand and metal costs continue to rise, this provides a fantastic new opportunity for the benefits of recycled carbon fiber.

Keith Graham noted, “We anticipate this relationship will lead to other opportunities on a global basis for other CCI advanced materials as we continue to grow our business in segments.” Fantastic work by the CCI team, over a long time, supporting a great new customer in using recycled carbon fiber in a highly qualified application! We need more carbon fiber waste to support the growing demand for our products, we are happy to discuss if your waste can be repurposed and help you close the loop.

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