carbon recycling

Traditionally, it has been very difficult to dispose of the carbon-based components favored by many industries for their strength and versatility. Regulations in some states lead to a very high premium for placing such materials in landfills. In other states it is expressly forbidden. This is because do not break down very easily – carbon products are engineered to last. The very reason that they bring value to so many industrial uses becomes a negative when it comes to disposal.


There are currently over 800 million pounds of unwanted carbon materials in warehouses and landfills in the US.


Carbon Conversions has a patented process to recycle these materials. We chop carbon components down and reconstitute them into advanced manufacturing materials so that they can be used in the manufacture of new products. Carbon Conversions materials are extremely versatile. They can be used to manufacture high performance components for the industry aerospace, automotive, industrial and architectural applications. The process of extracting materials from relatively unsophisticated materials (like airplane seat covers) and using them to produce materials for high-performance parts (like airplane wing components) is known as updirecting carbon. It is one of Carbon Conversions’ trademarks.


Carbon Conversions offers a complete closed loop.


We can convert carbon waste into materials for new high-performance parts. While Carbon Conversions offers a solution to companies facing carbon disposal issues, that’s not the whole story. Because we deliver advanced materials that can be made to produce new parts, we are uniquely capable of “closing the recycling loop” for companies that truly want to improve their environmental impact. They can send us old parts and receive advanced materials for new parts.

We keep an inventory of carbon materials on-hand so the companies that depend on us never have to be concerned about supplies running out. We currently have over 4 million pounds of materials ready for conversion to advanced materials in several forms – from raw chopped carbon, to carbon fiber in rolls to preforms ready to be infused with polymers to produce finished parts.